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A charming journey that's all about nature


A charming journey that's all about nature

A charming journey that's all about nature

A charming journey that's all about nature


A charming journey that's all about nature

a charming yourney that's alla about nature

sa cheya

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Our hospitality philosophy

At the Relais Sa Cheya, your holiday in Sardinia will have an altogether different flavour.

In this Relais Hotel in Alghero everything we have been designed all to welcome you as a guest into a magical, family friendly dimension, where you are sure to enjoy a truly memorable experience.

We have conceived and created everything with total respect for the surrounding environment, on the basis of the latest techniques of sustainable building and energy saving, in order to manage the resources at our disposal, in the most intelligent way possible, aiming to minimum environmental impact

In the extensive, 5-hectare grounds that surround the Relais, you will adore rediscovering the slow rhythms of another age, admiring a form of Mediterranean bio-diversity that is utterly unique, recreated thanks to the painstaking work of expert hands of the owners and faithful collaborators: a regenerated land that now gives the colors and the scents of the past.

The Hotel Sa Cheya Alghero is a source of great proud for us, and constitutes a rare example of how, with commitment and dedication, human input can enrich rather than destroying, and give without exploiting, in a genuine exchange, geared towards authentic nature of ancient inspiration, essence of Sardinia.

The same focus on the earth that plays host to it can also be seen in our restaurant, where we make every effort to use local produce of the highest quality, fresh fish from our local fisherman, sardinian organically reared meats, which we purchase from local suppliers and cook using sustainable techniques. We go, every morning, to our vegetable garden, rich in aromatic herbs, to gather what is necessary to create special dishes.

In this way, a holiday at the Relais Sa Cheya in Alghero takes on a whole new meaning, and will stay with you for a very long time: we strongly trust in ancient value as respect,  friendship, dedication, reliability, loyaly and we try to transmit in daily small gestures.

 In Alghero, at the Hotel Sa Cheya Relais we make ouselves custodians of traditions hended down by our grandparents who patiently taught us the golden rule of sardinian hospitality: the guest, from wherever he comes from the world, is sacred, a friend to welcome, listen to, feel good.

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